Session 3
things “to do” on a holiday

Just a reminder the university is be closed on Monday, January 19th to observe the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. Your instructor will notify you if they are planning anything due to the missed lecture day. The campus buildings will be locked today so you will need your ID card to enter the Young building.

Session Materials

There are no lecture materials for this session.

*Start Developing iOS Apps Today * UITableViewController Class Reference

UIAppearance Protocol Reference

UIAppearance on NSHipster


In this weeks assignment, you will follow along with Apple’s “Start Developing iOS Apps Today” developer tutorial. This tutorial will reinforce many of the concepts we have discussed in class and techniques you have already been using in your previous assignments. At the completion of this assignment, you will have built a “To Do” app (just what the App Store needs).

Download Start Developing iOS Apps Today and submit the application you create. There is plenty of important information in the write-up, so please take time to read through it.


The application should compile with no errors or warnings and perform all described behaviors.

The 10th point will be awarded for applications that use UIAppearance protocol to customize the navigation bar color and font. The color and font selected are up to the student.

Due Date

Assignment 3 is due January 26, 2015 at 5:29pm. Use the assignment repo username-MPCS51030-Winter-2015-Assignment-3 to submit your assignment.